State of Play getaway from June 2022 features remake of trailers of FF16, Street Fighter 6 and RE4

After a wave of exaggeration and speculation later in the week, the Playstation State of Play presentation in June 2022 finally took place yesterday, delivering at least 30 minutes of game-based bondage.

Among the most striking aspects were new advances from Final Fantasy 16, Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4 Remake, all of which had been heavily speculated as possible inclusions during the escape period.

The implementation of the program was a few other big names in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which will reach out to PC and VR, respectively, along with some other independent and VR games.

Show now happy for fans of Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and Resident Evil

Starting with the game that Sony has chosen to climax on the YouTube presentation, Final Fantasy 16 is coming to PS5 in the summer of 2023. A new trailer titled ‘Dominance’ showed a jugability that has apparently split French fans.

In a blog post from Sony, producer Yoshida Naoki said the advance was specifically designed to turn into “high octane fights with our protagonist Clive Rosfield leading a complete arsenal of attacks exclusive to many Icons (invocations) in the game”, adding that the team : “has entered the final stages of development and focuses on cleaning while continuing its march towards master up and launch”.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 4 Remake received a launch date on March 24, 2023, as well as a preview that can be viewed later:

Halfway between the two was Street Fighter 6, which will also launch in 2023. The debut trailer showed “a more hyper-realistic look” thanks to the use of Capcom’s RE Engine technology.

“Drops of the leaf will roll through the skin, the muscles will tighten when used, and the petals of cornflowers will rotate and rotate as a person moves.” promises the release of the game’s Sony blog, which will also offer more details about the game’s new mechanics and the four characters that appear in the trailer: Luke, Ryu, Chun-Li and Jamie.

In addition to the previous ones, games that include the supervised terror title The Callisto Project, the adventure based on Stray cats and the virtual reality experience Horizon: Call of the Mountain will also receive advances, and the first two will be launched in the finale. this year.

This year, Marvel’s Spider-Man series will also arrive on PC, with a Sony blog post also promoting the fact that it reached a total of 33 million copies sold around the world over the past month.

Be sure to follow up for more updates as you progress the game presentation period.

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