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According to sources, there is a major event on the horizon for Fall Guys and Fortnite, in partnership with the Rocket League. Probably, la Event Fall Guys X Fortnite Crown Clash will be here very soon.

Fall Guys Crown Clash is expected to launch this week and will allow players to earn rewards in all three games. With the reincarnation of the Fall Guys player base, thanks to its free launch on all major consoles, this is a great time to add some new events and get the crossover game started. Here’s everything we know about the event so far. Once the event is confirmed, we will update you with new information.

In preparation, here are some helpful Fall Guys guides: how to avoid crashes, how to make progress in crusades, and everything we know about custom lobbies.

When does Fall Guys X Fortnite Crown Clash begin?

Sources state that the Crown Clash begins on June 29 and lasts until July 11. These are filters, so do not rely on them too much and there is still no confirmation from the Fall Guys or the Epic Games team. There are also rumors of a revelation at. 9:00 AM EST.

What is the reward of the Fall Guys Crown Clash?

Of course, none of this has been confirmed, but filters suggest there will be a total of 3,500 Kudos to win on the Fall Guys stages during the Crown Clash events. These are spread across five different screens, possibly with a total of 100 programs for players to complete.

Twitter user filters _FireMonkey indicates that this is the number of applications to complete:

  • Mission 1:10 spectators
  • Mission 2:20 spectators
  • Mission 3:40 spectators
  • Mission 4: 70 spectators
  • Mission 5: 100 spectators

There are still undisclosed prizes in Fortnite and the Rocket League, up to five in each game. These will make you completely dissatisfied. It is likely that these are cosmetic articles, with the theme of Fall Guys. Mochila in the form of french fries, anyone?

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