Stardew Valley Modding Craze does bad things to his grandfather

Now that you can replicate Dragons of Skyrim with Thomas the Tank Engine or replace Mr House from Fallout New Vegas with Peter Griffin from Family Guy, the changes may at least be rare.

Not surprisingly, the mods in Stardew Valley are taking things to another level right now.

Since a few days ago, a madness has been extended to the whole community, uniting dozens of people in shifts with a single goal quite strange: to put the grandfather in as many strange scenes as possible.

The Mods in Stardew Valley do terrible things to Grandpa

Originating from the memes on Stardew Valley subreddit, which rolls out the game’s opening sequence, in which the grandfather, before being mentioned on his death row, leaves the player a card indicating that he cares about the farm, thus starting the game, the changes are returned ubiquitous .

The original oil they live on the poor old man is dropped on the floor instead of a bed, placed in the pose of the death of the father of the family and eventually makes the bed wet before it expires, and frankly, things just got worse since then. .

The recent changes completely eliminated Grandpa, leaving only the bed and the card, exchanging things so that it was wrapped in a blanket and delivering the bed, and eventually Grandpa’s bed turned into a horrible creature in the form of a folded bed. pesadillas.

There is also one who sees a game of ping pong being played on the old man’s late and dying body.

Thank you, modders of Stardew Valley, that’s why we can not have such beauties.

Out of the opening scene, another state conveys all the characters in the game to the grandfather, in such a way that you are constantly confronted with recorders of your dead relative as you cross the game world.

Some Stardew Valley Reddit users seem to be starting to make sense, and danishjuggler21 says, “at this point, no one would be able to tell what the original was like,” and I_forgot apologized, adding, “I feel like a grandfather.”

Then the madness ends soon and the grandfather can regain some dignity.

About this time no.

Either way, tips for getting more updates on Stardew Valley and the extraordinary modding communities in general.

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