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April 18, 2022: The launch date of Honkai: Star Rail is still unknown, but in the future we will detail everything we know so far.

I need something Honkai: Star Rail Codes? We have a list of all the current playable codes that you can use in the game so you can be on the lookout for Mihoyo’s latest gas game when it launches on mobile devices.

The game will feature mazmorras to explore and present new characters along with some familiar characters from Honkai Impact 3rd.

While we wait for the launch date for Honkai: Star Rail, be sure to consult our Genshin Impact Code Guide and our Honkai Impact 3rd Code Guide. If you like it, you will probably also be interested in games like AFK Arena or Cookie Run: Kingdom.

All Honkai work codes: Star Rail

At the time of writing, there are no Honkai: Star Rail Codes live. Last time we updated this list was April 18, 2022.

Discarded codes

At the time of writing, there are no scratched codes. When we say this, we will make sure to add any old code to the list later to make sure we do not lose time getting in.

What are the Honkai: Star Rail codes?

Honkai: Star Rail codes are free codes that you can play in the game to earn useful rewards and resources. For example, Genshin Impact will give you primogemas, EXP, mora and sometimes other things too! For Honkai: Star Rail, we do not know what the codes will contain, but EXP is probably a solid assumption, as well as the currency of the game it is invited to launch.

If we are lucky, we may even see a free game of gacha here and there at special events that we have seen in other gacha games. We do not know what the codes for Honkai: Star Rail will be, but we’ll be there as soon as we get nervous!

How do I play the Honkai: Star Rail codes?

Like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, the more likely it is that canjees in the game. If it’s Honkai Impact 3rd, click on your player ID, press the account button and enter your code in the ‘code box’. Good luck it’s that easy!

How do I get multiple Honkai: Star Rail codes?

There are several places to look when looking for codes. If the game is not finished yet, it is important to see things and see when they may appear. Check e.g. the game’s Facebook page, Twitter pageand the official page of the game are solid starting points for finding new codes.

When is the launch date for Honkai: Star Rail?

Until now, we do not know when Honkai: Star Rail will be launched. The developer has not yet set a launch date, but according to the development of Genshin Impact, it is approximately between October 2022 and March 2023. It is a large window, but we will check back often to see if anything has changed. .

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