“Star Ocean 6” release date decided on October 27! ! A video of about 8 minutes at the beginning of the story is also released!

■ From Twitter

▼Release date decision trailer

▼ System introduction video

October 27th! I’m so excited!

The release date was earlier than expected
There are also many sci-fi elements.
The battle scene looks interesting, so I’m looking forward to it

I haven’t done it since 4, but I think I’ll do it after a long time

Star Ocean is my favorite of all RPGs.
Just by saying Star Ocean, I will definitely buy it.

I will definitely buy it, but the problem with Pokemon is that it hurts too much 😂

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“While the PS5 is dead, the Switch is becoming almost the game industry’s back” ← This tweet is buzzing!The public’s recognition is to be ridiculed as “dead PS5”

That’s funny…
There is no name for Mr. Switch, who should be “the one who carries almost the entire game industry on his back”…
Star Ocean 6 Release Date Image related to Square Enix-02

Star Ocean 6 Release Date Image related to Square Enix-03

I should be carrying everything on my back… why… why… w

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