Square enix’s yuri soshage “Towatsugai”, it seems that the summoned beast outfitted by the yuri couple evolves into a person, and the yuri neighborhood is noisy wwwww

The gacha summoned beast to equip the lily pair
Turned out to be a person when advanced
Pattern of yuri geek screaming




Reactions to this text

Mix me too w lure 😱

Towatsugai official doesn’t seem as a person!I’m saying
A summoned beast that loosely sandwiches a dark-skinned man
You will snort, what sort of judgment is that?

Towattsugai, from all types of matters
I really feel the spirit of “a man caught between lilies”.

Towatsugai, the summoning pillar laughed on the man
am i able to share a person?

By the way in which, I’ll allow you to use the secondary creation when it is launched 😎🤟

It’s brown pores and skin and it seems to be like it’ll be one thing
It’s too excessive for the function of a pole

There aren’t any males within the mobs of Towattsugai! Don’t fear!
Ah, regardless of the way you have a look at it, the summoned beast is a person☆
There are instances when the dialog will not be established and I do not know what to really feel relieved about


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