Square Enix seeks user feedback on how to improve Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall, the new game from PlatinumGames, did not have the best reception among players. A week ago, we observed that its max concurrent player peak was 647 on its first day. For this reason, Square Enix has launched a survey to address “Improving the gaming experience”.

Square Enix and PlatinumGames decided to focus, in this survey, on one of the most criticized aspects of the game since its launch: its visual distinction.

After a few initial questions, the survey asks us about the art elements of the game, such as characters, gear, NPCs, enemies, locations, interface, and more. Finally, in the end, wondering what would be the element that the players would change if they made the choice.

Ultimately, this will only be the first of many future investigations into Babylon’s Fall in an attempt to improve the negative player experience. You can answer until next March 18 until this link.

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