Square Enix plans to develop more HD-2D remakes of SNES classics

Square Enix is ​​considering the possibility of developing more HD-2D remakes of its SNES classics.

This HD-2D style, popularized by Octopath Traveler and which we will see in a few weeks in Triangle Strategy, mixed pixel art with 3D decorations in high definition.

In the past, Nintendo Direct announced the first remake of a classic using this style. This is Live A Live, a JRPG released in 1994 that until now has not been released outside of Japan.

Tomoya Asano, the producer of this remake, has explained that “the president [de Square Enix, Yosuka Matsuda] we were ordered to use HD-2D more, so we decided to think about remakes of old titles”.

“We researched possible titles, thought they could be made in HD-2D, and presented it to the President. This list included titles released by Square Enix for the Super Famicom; some adaptable in HD- 2D, some not and some that were impossible games, like mahjong games”.

“We all aspired and made a presentation of this Live A Live which was the best possible. The second was ActRaiser”.

Oddly enough, ActRaiser already picked up a few months ago for Nintendo Switch with the ActRaiser Renaissance HD Remaster, though it also used a different visual style.

Triangle Strategy will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch the following day, March 4. The program, the progress of which can be transferred to the final version, can be downloaded for free now in the eShop.

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