Square Enix’s new open world “Force Pokémon” Fast journey is simply too quick and it is a scorching matter wwww “The benefits of making it exclusively for PS5 are really big”

“FORSPOKEN” Official Live Broadcast #1 DEEP DIVE Special

Around 1:04:00 within the video

Producer Akio Ofuji: “(Fast travel) is about 1 second.”

Takeshi Terada Co-Director “The benefit of making it exclusively for PS5 this time is really huge, and it’s a game that makes full use of the explosive SSD.”

Mr. Ofuji “Explosive speed SSD (laughs)”

Mr. Terada “It’s not this speed because it’s a small area, but you can fast travel at this speed even if you go from one end of the world to the other. This is really a point I want you to feel when you touch the PS5. The sense of the game is quite good. to change”

Mr. Ofuji: “Is it like this when starting a game?”

Mr. Terada “Of course, the speed is the same when starting up the title screen of the game and starting a new game from the start up.”

Mr. Ofuji: “In an open-world game, tips are displayed when reading the map. That’s impossible.”

Mr. Terada “(Tips) No, I’m in hassle. I am unable to do the tutorial (laughs).



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