[Spoiler alert]Mr. Ace from “One Piece Odyssey” goes to be actually outrageous…

The present Straw Hat Crew occurred to be
Interfering within the execution of Ace of the Paramount War based mostly on previous recollections

Different from the unique “Ace protects Luffy and does not die”
Even if the trajectory is corrected
Ace challenges Akainu head-on to a one-man match
to fail miserably


Bandai Namco Entertainment(2023-01-12T00:00:01Z)
3.0 out of 5 stars

Bandai Namco Entertainment(2023-01-12T00:00:01Z)
3.1 out of 5 stars

Reactions to this text

Ace’s inventory dropped additional in Odyssey wwwwww

It’s additional humorous as a result of it normally dies surrounded by everybody

It’s Olga💃

Odyssey…Luffy and Ace’s reunion is a scorching scene,
It damage a lot that I may perceive Luffy’s silence and I nearly cried.

This chart alone is price shopping for

4v3 WXTAs

Wai’s dissatisfaction after clearing this kusoge
・Because the battle problem is low, you’ll be able to clear the battle with auto-battle, which is left principally to AI.
– Movement is lethal sluggish
・Even although the motion is sluggish,
・Type compatibility is the precise reverse of what’s frequent and complicated
・There is an excessive amount of distinction in quantity between chapters (Arabasta version: summit decisive battle version = about 9:1)
・Original characters get offended
・Brooke and Frankie are air
・Debuff approach Buff approach is sort of not respiratory

I did not make Garp or Sengoku, so I made a decision to place mass-produced mobs apart.


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