“Splatoon 3 has a map of ○○, and it’s definitely interesting!”

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Splatoon 3 evaluation map portrait improvement

You seem to like Sudden Attack’s warehouse
personally fucking map

BF4 rocker theory

In addition, it seems that the breakthrough can be crushed just by continuing to stare at the long range on the central hill.

It looks like it’s going to be just a meeting with no backing, but there are people who find it fun.
How do you do this with bold markers?

The guy who ends up with a litter

Indeed, I think that it has become easier to play as a team in that it is easier to go to friends.

No, it’s not interesting because of this…
If you’re going to do this, area or Gachiru is fine, right? I think…

I wonder if it’s one of the optimizations for the third game.
The fact that there is a “front line” means “collision”, and surprisingly there are people who are not good at facing each other in a match.
Also, if the battle is visualized, the hindrances will also be visualized, so there may be no place for the bad guys to stay.
Does it feel like the party is getting weaker and the competitiveness is getting stronger?

I think it’s probably because the stage is vertically long that narrows the range of strategies and makes it a game of head-on collisions and skills.It wouldn’t be fun to throw in newcomers who don’t even know how to change weapons, so I guess this eve is for people who have already played.

That’s why it’s easier to reskill if you take the center

Conversely, since the omission is weak, people who are not good at face-to-face will die

Does that mean that the stupid move of “painting the corners so as not to encounter enemies as much as possible” was sealed off…?
It’s useless to be able to fight properly…

Thanks to this, I lost the feeling that I was behind the scenes.

Did they crush the fun elements that were not in FPS by themselves …

Rather, I think there is a theory that it is easy to fall into a one-sided game because of this stage configuration.
Since it is directly related to the ease of accumulating special weapons, the stage structure was quite difficult to recover once the squirrel hunting was hard and pushed in.

While everyone is fighting, it’s harder to do the move of painting the other side

There is certainly a feeling that we have to shoot each other.On the contrary, the fun of backdooring may have decreased

I certainly feel that way. This is the discomfort of Mahimahi.

Pablo is the type of player who avoids battles regardless of the front line and paints all over to aim for backing, so this change may be difficult lol Should I re-enter maneuvers?

It’s fine if it’s serious, but if it’s a territory, I think it’s more interesting to leave it at 2.

There’s a reason, but there seems to be various theories
It’s not just a shootout, it’s important to paint, so even light gamers who aren’t good at shooting can enjoy it! I thought it was Splatoon, so I’m afraid that layer will be eliminated.
That said, it’s nice to have a range of stages for people who like to shoot each other.

It looks like it’s going to be just a meeting with no backing, but there are people who find it fun.
How do you do this with bold markers?

…… I haven’t played Splatoon 3 yet, but is it really vertical?Really trash
Do you understand that the fact that there is a front line means that once you’re pushed, it’s over?

Thanks to this, I can easily reskill
It’s good for those who have previous work experience who can reskill and can handle reskilled opponents
Newcomers are tough

Will it follow the same path as overseas FPS after all… Well, not all stages have appeared, so it’s too early to conclude

In other words, the majority of people thought it wasn’t fun to leave the camp pub and mess it up…?

Isn’t this half the fun…?
It’s been proven at Koshien that face-to-face isn’t everything in a territory…

The vertical stage and the long range of Ritter and Hydra are only advantageous…

On top of the front line being constructed, there are multiple side roads that are blocked by shields and line of sight, so it feels good without landing.

From Ritter’s point of view, there is little backing and it is super helpful
Missiles are gone and high pres are weaker

If you think it’s hard to win, this is it (excuse)
It’s true that I often lose due to the difference in range (excuse) I have no intention of deploying a water discharge channel or the side (excuse)
I’m not bad (

On the contrary, I find this boring (because it depends on Charger’s arm)
It’s more fun to be able to turn around and do tricky moves

The guy who ends up with a litter

But everyone said boxfish warehouse garbage station

Close range weapons have no human rights

Operation rocker phenomenon

But I’ve heard in BO2 that this gets monotonous

2’s territory is “paint it and win”, and I think it’s a good point that there’s room for beginners to leave a record, so if you look at it from a broader perspective, I don’t think it’s particularly interesting.

I don’t think front lines are necessary in Splatoon.It may be good to think less, but since the tactical nature disappears, the development becomes one pattern, and the template formation becomes the strongest.

Isn’t that funny?

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Splatoon 3 is a “shooting” game! ! ! Backing out? Standing around?
It doesn’t matter! Only the strong guy can win in the face-to-face! Such a serious game is Splatoon 3 ah ah ah!

I understand what you’re trying to say, but I feel like there are pros and cons… there’s a clear “front line”
Doesn’t it just feel like any other FPS?It seems that the fun other than shooting is sacrificed…

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