Splatoon 3 arrives at Switch in September

Do you know that you need another option to open and cover some surfaces with multicolored ink?

Well, the third release of Nintendo’s popular puzzle game, Splatoon, is coming to Switch in September and will offer a variety of modes for both player and multiplayer so you can create surprises.

So get ready to “take part in ink-tight battles with other Inklings and Octolings, and discover the season’s most modern features, weapons and equipment”.

Splatoon 3 arrives at Switch in September

Starting with online multiplayer mode, Splatoon 3 promises a Turf War mode that “can create multiple battles in a 4-on-4 line in a combination of new and familiar stages, where teams of four meet up to cover the largest earth in its ink. ”.

To get a better overview of this area of ​​the game in particular, in addition to a new scene called Eeltail Alley and a new archery weapon in the form of a tissue that “lets players drop ink sideways and vertically,” he said. see the game trailer to continue.

Without a doubt, if you are a solo player, do not worry now that the game is set to present a whole new campaign mode where you will “unite with Agent 3 in a fight against the Octaro rebels and discover the secrets behind Alterna and the boring moco ”.

Along with this, there is an improved version of Salmon Run cooperative mode where “players can team up with others to defend waves of dangerous salmon fish bosses, some of which sound colossal in size”.

If you want to get back on track with Splatoon before launching the new game and are a member of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack that already has Splatoon 2, you can now access the Octo Expansion DLC for free through Nintendo. electronics store.

Be sure to follow up to get more updates on Splatoon 3 and other Nintendo games in a more detailed way.

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