[Spicy]IGNJ “‘Resident Evil RE:Birth’ is better than the beta version, but the essential content hasn’t evolved much. A battle game that gets boring after an hour.”

“Resident Evil RE:Birth” Play Impression


According to the article

・”Resident Evil RE:Birth” was scheduled to start service at the same time as the release of “Resident Evil Village”, but it was postponed for a year, and early access has finally started.

・Actually, the beta version of this work was released in 2021, but at that time, Chris was abnormally strong and Ada was too weak. I couldn’t help but be surprised at the shallowness of the bottom.

·As might be expectedAs much as it was postponed for a year, “Resident Evil RE: Bath” was also progressing, and it was possible to strengthen the character using in-game points.

・By unlocking and equipping items called RE Coins, it is possible to strengthen the maximum HP, skills, attack power, etc., and the direction of character performance changes depending on what is equipped.

・A battle pass has been added, and there are two types of battle passes: free and paid. The former is mainly related to character enhancement, and the latter has skins and charms.

・Future updates are planned, and characters and creatures such as the Hound Wolf Squad and Lycan will be added.In this way, this work seems to have become quite decent as a fighting gameThat’s what I’m talking about.

The author who actually played “Resident Evil RE: Bath” was at a loss for wordsyear,Certainly, although it has the appearance of a recent service-operated title, the essential content has hardly evolved.It says.

The effects and sound effects are rather plain, and there is no exhilaration when defeating an enemy.It says.

・It seems that the game balance is getting better,He doesn’t feel the need to choose between Chris and Ada.

·Also,The most effective strategy is to aim for fishermen’s profits, as points are awarded only to the player who hits the finish line.becomes.

・It’s futile to shoot at the enemy head-on, and if you’re killed and become a small fish creature, Molded, it’s better to self-destruct (although it’s usually a waste of time to fight back).

It’s certainly better than the beta version, but it’s progress to the extent that you’ll get tired of it after just an hour.

I doubt that players will stay until the planned update is completedyear,Most of the players may be gone by NovemberIt seems that I am concerned.

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