[Soshage people’s sad news]Apps and in-app purchases in the Apple Store will be raised by about 30% … “Minimum price of 120 yen to 160 yen”

Apple to raise the price of App Store apps and in-app purchases. Rising all the way from bottom to top – AUTOMATON

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AppleOn September 19th, in multiple regions including Japan, in the company’s App StoreAnnounced price increases for apps and in-app purchasesdid. Price change isScheduled to be implemented on October 5, 2022becomes.

As a specific price increase for Japan, the first was the minimum price of paid apps.Price increased from 120 yen to 160 yen.next price range250 yen changed to 320 yenbe done.In the higher price range, the price has been raised at a certain rate while maintaining the original price.How it is.Regarding the highest price range, it was 119,800 yen, but it seems that the new price will be set at 158,800 yen.

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Soshage User Wai Watery Eyes

Yen depreciation…………

I wonder if the app will be expensive even though the main unit is expensive…
Is Android the best solution for non-hard gamers and Youtubers?

The aftermath of the price increase will resonate to such a place.

I want to know the recommended apps that I should install before raising the price 👀

This price hike hurts…

It’s fine if it doesn’t have anything to do with subs

Even though Apple tax is already charged, is it even more money…

It’s a cheap yen and it can’t be helped, but the quality of service is much better than mud

I don’t think the price will go up due to the yen’s depreciation, but will the price go back even if the yen is strong?
Food, but I feel like there’s not much to lower even if there are things that have gone up in price…

Wow oh oh oh
You won’t be able to draw gacha with the monthly billing amount ah ah ah ah ah!
I can’t get my pocket money raised any more!
Yaruo in front of the PC, keyboard hits babababa

30% is pretty big…
However, it is reasonable because it has risen that much even on an exchange basis.
Husband who does not do coffee

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