[! ? ]Sony, will you remake or remaster that blockbuster game for PS5 as soon as possible?

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster Reportedly In Development For PS5, Rumors Of New Multiplayer Game

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of 2017Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered For PS5 And New Multiplayer Game In Development For PS5 And PCIt is reported that

It’s unclear if the game will be a full remake like The Last of Us Part I or just a remaster.However, judging by some details, it seems to be closer to the latter.

According to reports, the new version will add “user experience improvements to accessibility features, graphics modes, and gameplay itself.”

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What is it that wants to remake software that is so high in quality that it can even be remade?

It’s just a joke
Or is there nothing that can be rubbed in such a short period of time?

Even though I just bought the Steam version on sale and piled it up
If there is additional content, I will buy it 😅

I don’t think remakes or remasters are bad, but I think what the PS5 needs now is a unique IP title that can only be played on the PS5.

> PS5 now needs a unique IP title that can only be played on PS5

Seriously this is it! The remake is good, but please make me excited with the new IP!

PS5 is not selling at all and new IP is high riskj
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