Sony Responds to PlayStation Workplace Discrimination Allegations

Sony has responded to claims of workplace discrimination from Sony Interactive Entertainment that it ran in recent weeks after being accused of interrogation by an employee last year. In recent days, eight other employees of the company have added their testimonials.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment takes these statements very seriously,” the company explained in certain legal documents seen by Axios.

“While most of the testimonials are from employees who no longer work at SIE, SIE has resolved or will resolve issues related to them in the future, which values ​​their employees and has a proactive attitude to ensure that they all have opportunities to surpass themselves and be listened to.”

The lawsuit originally featured Emma Majo, a former Sony security analyst, in November 2021.

Sony initially denied the request, according to reports Axiosstating that it was “an unacceptable accusation of public and personal activities”.

Now, Majo’s initial lawsuit includes testimony from eight other PlayStation employees, who report instances of bullying, sexual assault, gender discrimination, and the company’s passivity in the face of these circumstances.

According to the information Polygonthe statements included allegations that male employees rated female employees for their appearance, shared “holy jokes and pictures of women”, and offered strip clubs during mealtimes.

One of the women also criticized the inability to blame her baby due to the lack of privacy associated with it.

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