Sony recordsdata a patent for a “controller that can change the temperature”!A perform that may turn out to be scorching or chilly in response to the sport state of affairs

PlayStation controller patent describes heat-changing haptic suggestions


According to the article

Sony has patented a PlayStation controller with temperature-controlled haptic suggestions

・The utility date is March 25, 2020, and the acquisition date is March 30, 2023.

・This controller will not be laborious plastic,“Elastically deformable materials”is used

The “elastically deformable material” improves tactile suggestions and permits the “elastic member” to be touched, pushed, twisted, pinched, crushed, rubbed, It may detect the movement of bringing the

・Sony defined the patent“Resilient members include gel-like materials that change elasticity and hardness under heat.”,“The modulus of elasticity and hardness can be controlled by changing the temperature with the above temperature control device.”,“The temperature control device can be controlled so that the temperature increases as the amount of deformation increases.”,“This allows the user to feel the temperature change corresponding to the deformation.”and

・It’s an attention-grabbing idea, though it is unclear if it would ever turn out to be a commercially out there product.

・A dual-sense controller is likely to be created that warms you if you encompass an in-game campfire and cools you if you decide up one thing frozen within the snow.


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