Sony PlayStation deletes its video presentation of Anthem after pill…

Sony PlayStation manipulated images

For a brief moment, an overlay of the PlayStation 4 controllers can be seen on top of the Xbox One indicators in the same E3 demo.

Anthemuno de los juegos con mejor positiva del pasado E3tiene prevista su llegada a PlayStation 4, Xbox One y PC for 2018. Currently, the only available images of the game are those shown by Microsoft en su Xbox One X

La polemica se har service, ya que hace 4 días, Sony PlayStation has subido a YouTube channel and video presenting games on a console. The theme is that the video was the same one used to introduce the game on the Xbox One X during E3, and Sony sold it as a new trailer that worked the same way on its console.

To give the lime, the video was modified sobre el minuto 3:39 donde se maquilla la imagen to replace los indicators they the controls de los mandos de Xbox (LB and RB) por la denominación de los DualShock of PlayStation (L1 and R1).Playstation pilada

Tras el echo en algunos de comunicación, que no todos, y menos Españoles, The company has removed the video from its YouTube channel.

It will not be ruled out that Sony will return to launch the trailer with a less shabby version and subsanando las cagadas to return to take the hair of all users. Do you have an opinion?

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