Sony is donating thousands of dollars to Epic Games to expand the market

Sony will donate thousands of dollars to Epic Games as part of the editor’s continued vision of working with entertainment as part of the content. KIRKBI, an investment company behind the LEGO group, also donated $ 1 million, which is why Epic Games has a total of $ 2 million for its marketing plans.

According to a press release from Epic Games, Sony believes as much as KIRKBI in the big media movement that these two companies like the idea of ​​this supposed new form of entertainment. This is more to help with metaverso and not an exclusive association, so it’s doubtful if any important PlayStation game will arrive at Epic Games first, at least as it announces something more.

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Sony is donating thousands of dollars to Epic Games to expand the market

This is what Sony says about its multi-million dollar donation to Epic Games and metaverso:

“As a creative entertainment company, we are fascinated by investing in Epic to deepen our relationship in content, a space where creators and users share their time. We are also convinced that the Epic experience, including its powerful gaming engine, combined with Sony technologies, will accelerate our various efforts, such as the development of new digital experiences for sports fans and our virtual production initiatives.

Only time will tell how the entertainment aspect of the event will be and whether all this investment is worth the punishment in the end. Lego recently announced an exclusive partnership with Epic Games for a new gaming experience, and many are finding themselves in it as a possible alternative to Roblox.

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