Sony insists the quality of its first-party titles will be restored if the launch is released on PS Plus

Sony insisted that the quality of its first-party titles would have been affected had it been released the same day it launched on the new PlayStation Plus.

In statements a GamesIndustrythe most responsible of PlayStation, has confirmed that the first-party games of the Japanese company will not be released on day one in the new subscription, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

“We think we are in a good virtuous circle with the students,” he pleads, “where the investment offer is successful, the one that allows more investment, the one that offers always more successful We love this cycle and we think our players love it too.”

As for “putting our own games into this service, or any of our services, when it launches…as you know, that’s not a path we’ve taken in the past. And it’s not a path we’ve taken in the past to take away with this new service.”

“We believe that if we do this with the creamy games on PlayStation Studios, this virtuous circle will be felt. The level of investment that we need for our studies will not be possible, and we believe that there will be an effect negative about the quality of our games, something I didn’t want from the players”.

This does not mean, without limitation, that it cannot change in the future. Ryan himself cites the success of PlayStation Studios games on PC as an example of change.

“We’ve had great critical acclaim and great commercial success, and the whole world is at peace with what’s happening and it’s going well. I echo the point of view from four years ago and I think that no one expected that.”

“So I don’t want to leave anything written in stone at this time. Everything I’m saying today is about our short-lived wrap. With the way our editing model is working now, it has no meaning. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know.”

Sony announced the PlayStation Plus service upgrade a few hours ago, merging with PlayStation Now and offering three different tiers. Have all the details about it and the content each one offers in this article.

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