Sony Disbanded PlayStation VR2 Design

Sony has officially unveiled the design that will have its new virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR 2.

In a post published on the official website, the Japanese company explains that “As you can appreciate, the PS VR 2 headset has a shape similar to the PS VR2 Sense control, as if it were an aspect ‘ orb’.” The spherical orb shape represents the 360° view players experience when entering the VR world, something that is easily captured.”

Additionally, Hideaki Nishino adds that the design is inspired by the PlayStation 5 because “when our design team created the PS5 console, they also had the next-generation VR headset in mind, due to the obvious aesthetic similarities.”

“The PS5 console has flat edges and is designed to sit on a flat surface, while the PS VR2’s headset design seeks to provide more prominence with redundant shapes, so its purpose is in constant physical contact with the player. as the redundant borders of the DualSense command and the Pulse 3D auricators”.

The development team’s goal was to create a headset that “not only appeals to the eye as part of a living room decor, but also hones the feeling of immersion in the world of game to the point that the player olives who wears a helmet or commands “.

It is for this reason that the ergonomics of the PSVR2 have been specially studied, carrying out a number of tests to ensure that it fits in “a variety of head sizes”.

This new design inherits some lessons learned with previous generations of PlayStation VR, as according to Nishino “we have already received very positive feedback on the ergonomics of the first PS VR headset, in which we have managed to balance the weight of the headset to using a layer so we decided to use the concept for the PS VR2 headset.We also kept other features, such as the adjustable visor that can approach or align the face and the location of the connector to the stainless steel with the end of a familiar result”.

Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director of Sony, added that “when I started working on the design of the PlayStation VR2 case, one of the ideas I wanted to focus on was to create a ventilation shaft similar to those of the PS5 console, which allows air Our engineers developed this idea as a great way to aid ventilation and prevent lenses from getting stuck when playing your VR titles.”

“I worked on several design concepts to implement it, and in the final design there is a small gap between the top and front surfaces of the visor; there is built-in ventilation.”

The launch of the PlayStation VR 2 still has no date, nor its improved price, although it should hit stores this year. The headset features 4K HDR panels with OLED technology, and offers a hundred and ten degree field of view. Sticking to the resolution and frame rate, it will be 2000×2040 pixels per eye, with 90/120Hz refresh.

PlayStation VR 2 also has built-in cameras to track movement and commands with Sense technology. Eye tracking, on the other hand, lets you look at specific addresses and use them as additional input.

As far as software goes, Sony confirmed a Horizon spin-off for PlayStation VR 2 a few weeks ago called Horizon Call of the Mountain. You can see your trailer later:

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