Sony creates a new PlayStation conservation team

If there is one area of ​​the so-called ‘console wars’ where Sony and PlayStation have constantly lost over the last few years, it is compatibility with previous versions.

While both giants have been relatively similar recently in terms of tensing their financial muscles, Microsoft Activision bought Blizzard, and Sony added Bungie to their studios, the first of which has done a much better job of using its previous catalog.

Without hesitation, Sony could finally be ready to take on this front, now that the editor has created a new in-house team focused on game preservation.

Sony creates a PlayStation storage team

The news came through a Linkedin post by Garrett Fredley, who announced that he was contracted as one of the original members of the new team, with the official job title as Senior Construction Engineer.

“Game preservation was my first professional passion. It was my first foray into the world of software engineering / Dev Ops, and into a world that many do not know ”. Fredley said in the publication, adding: “I was just a novice at the time, contributing in every way I could, regardless of my experience. Now I’m back to it, I’m not the novice I’ve ever been.

Fredley also thanked Mike Bishop, PlayStation’s Global Quality Control Manager, for the opportunity and concluded by saying, “Let’s go and make sure our industry’s history does not fade!”.

Bishop responded to Fredley’s post, repeating a similar sentiment, saying “We want to preserve EVERYTHING! Really excited to work with you”.

If you do not seem to have any concrete indications of what kind of preservation is required to deliver the Bishop and Fredley team, Playstation fans who responded to the news on Reddit presented some ideas that they would like to see implemented.

“Once the PS3 emulation is real and draws more classics to PS through the new members of PS Plus,” said the user ilikemonsterhunter, and another user added that they would like to be able to install old games from their PS3 discs in a similar way for Xbox. compatibility.

Be sure to follow up to get updates on PlayStation and more about this story when you come to the light of further details.

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