Sony Bans Too Easy Games for Trophies! Tears in the eyes of the trocon cook…

Sony bans games for trophies

Sony Trophy PS Store BAN related images-02

According to the article

・It seems that the PlayStation team has delivered a message to all developers.

・It announced a policy to ban non-game games called “shovelware” and simple games made only to obtain platinum trophies from the PlayStation Store in the future.

A message from an anonymous source stated that these spam games negatively impacted the gaming experience of customers and partners.

Read full text below

this is G.J.

It’s full of fucking games where you press a button to get a trophy

↑ There was also a game where you could pet a dog and get 71 trophies in 2 minutes lol

it’s not a game anymore

Bad money drives out good money

I want to hear the objection of the trocon kitchen

Didn’t Sony review PS Store games in the first place?

Among the trocon cooks, simple games were said to be boost games, but there were a lot of games that were worse than that.
Or rather, it must have been developed and sold with a focus on trocon kitchens.

Play the game you want to play and aim for the Trocon in that game
This is a healthy trocon kitchen…

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