Sony announces new IP (AAA class) for PS5 soon! ?

PlayStation is currently developing a new IP, AAA, to be announced soon, according to reliable sources

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The Snitch, who has continued to provide numerous accurate leak information so far, introduces stories from “reliable sources”. Apparently, SIE is developing a new IP AAA title for PS5, which will be unveiled by October 1st.

This source later turned out to be TheRealInsider, who is also a well-known leaker for the accuracy of his information.

As it is a new IP, it is unknown what titles will be released at this time.

“I heard that a new IP AAA title for PlayStation will be announced within two to three weeks. Please look forward to further news. By the way, I sent Mr. The Snitch a DM with a tip.”

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come oh oh oh

Because the new IP AAA is Sony’s true value! I’m really looking forward to it!

I wonder why they didn’t announce it at State of Play…

Is it Bend Studio?

Personally, I’d love to see Cory Barlog’s new IP.I don’t think there’s any problem leaving God of War to someone else.

FPS to replace COD

Even in State of Play or TGS, there is not much information that can be released without an announcement lol
Husband who doesn't do it Hojihoji

There are rumors of a unique event, and there is no doubt that it will be announced flashy! !

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