Sony announces Ascension, a free co-op expansion for Returnal

The Return will receive a major free expansion on March 22.

Its name is Ascension and coincides with the 3.0 update of the Housemarque action game. Its great innovation will be the introduction of a cooperative mode that will allow you to explore the planet Atropos with another player.

Ascension will also add Sísifo’s Tower, which will be available when the best Icarian grappling hook is unlocked. It is a tower with twenty levels of increasing difficulty, which we will access after eliminating the previous enemies. Curiously this tower will be played solo, and will not be available in the cooperative expansion mode.

Ascension will be released for free the following day, March 22. Returnal, for one, has been available exclusively on PlayStation 5 since April of last year.


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