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The official Roblox collaboration game between SEGA and Gamefam Studios is here: Sonic speed simulator. Created with some of Sonic’s official developers, it will definitely reach the top of Roblox’s success lists in a very short time.

Added as the “fastest game” in Roblox, players will increase their running speed and level up while playing as classic Sonic characters. You can also compete among them to win prizes. There are recognizable levels of Sonic to unlock, from the Green Hill Zone to the Snow Valley. Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is still in its paid test phase until Saturday, April 16th. The full free launch of the game arrives at. 10.00 EST (15.00 BST) and will be on PC, console and mobile devices through the official Roblox applications.

They are aware of Tunic speed simulator codes, now that we’ll update them as soon as they are published. Now, why not review our other pages for Shindo Life or Blox Fruits? Or if you want something a little more casual, we also have the Adopt Me and Bee Swarm Simulator.

When will Sonic Speed ​​Simulator codes be available?

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator launches tomorrow in complete and free form and we hope there will be some codes very soon, if not at the same time. The developers have promised good weekly updates, so this would be a good time to launch new codes.

It is likely that codes will run when the game hits new hits in terms of number of players or likes.

What do the codes for sonic speed simulator do?

In Sonic Speed ​​Simulator you can unlock masks of playing theme characters and level up. It is logical to think that some codes can provide masks or exclusive variations, or sometimes thematic cosmetic elements to add a bit of dynamism.

You can also collect the adorable Chaos, including an exclusive Knuckles, available for players with paid play. Chao will increase players’ stats to the extent that they increase their collection. These ‘pets’ may also come with codes in the future.

Active codes

There are currently no active codes for Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.

Discarded codes

No Sonic Speed ​​Simulator code has been found yet.

How to check codes

When the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator codes are launched, we’ll tell you how to run them.

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