Son “I’ve been hooked on horse girls lately lol” Father “I’ll do this” → I can’t stop trembling after receiving an amazing treasure wwwwww

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Uma Musume Father Wallet Betting Ticket Legend Tokai Teio Image related to Mejiro McQueen-02

Goosebumps were amazing

If this is a betting ticket purchased at Kyoto Racecourse, there must be fans who want to buy it even if it costs 1 million.
Even with a betting ticket purchased at Winds, this is wonderful! ! ! !
This betting ticket is a treasure

The 1992 Emperor’s Award (spring), the winning betting ticket for the two most legendary races…

Legend race… (trembling voice)

I’m watching Uma Musume because I want to know how amazing this betting ticket is.

It’s a legendary race!

My dad only talks about Machika Netanhoiza at the Fuji Stakes
Uma Musume’s generation matches the 40s and 50s too much

Isn’t it a legendary race ah ah ah ah ah
Yaruo runs round and round

As for how legendary…
yaruo serious quick glasses

It’s going to be a long one, so please watch Uma Musume and enjoy the excitement!
Husband who does white eyes, husband who doesn't do it, seals his mouth

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