Some sales data from Epic Games Store

Epic games released a press release yesterday to congratulate the players, developers and distributors on the amazing sales results from the Epic Games Store.

Some sales figures in the Epic Games Store

The first thing that resonates with the American video game development company is this World War Zof Saber Interactive sold more than 320,000 copies in the Epic Games store, of which 250,000 were available during the first week.

He also wanted to sell it on Satisfying the best PC launch in Coffee Stone’s history. Keep in mind that the developer already trusts twitter with the sale of the video game.

Year 1800by Ubisoft, y Metro: Exodusfrom 4A Games, have enjoyed some of the best PC launches in the history of their respective sagas, as this is finally the most iconic title in the Epic Games store.

Features in the store

On the other hand, informs about retires to the new features in the store they were told to get to know each other a little while ago. The functions prepared for April start in May and June, now that the development activities have focused on providing assistance with the online functions needed for new game launches.

Humble Bundle and Epic

Since it could not fail, keep in mind collaboration with Humble Bundle which was announced at GDC, which according to Epic “begins to bear fruit.” You can now buy Metro Exodus and Dangerous Driving, and buy Borderlands 3 the antique way in the Humble store. Looking forward to adding more games.

Free games

Since its launch, the Epic Games store has offered a new free game every two weeks, with over 25 million free games installed. We will continue to support this proposal new free games during 2019.

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