Snowrunner Next-Gen Park Date

Snowrunner, the game for driving trucks and transporting packages, will get its update to the current generation – Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5 – this month. The exact launch date will be May 31 and will be free for all users who play the game. This includes the Xbox Game Pass version.

The update is part of the preparations for the first season of the game. It will add 4K compatibility and a camera rate of 60 frames per second. Another of the new features is cross-play with all versions of the game including Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

The Saber and Focus Interactive team reported that the update may make some mods in the game obsolete, but modders can use the internal hardware the game offers to update them and users can access them.

The seventh season, on the other hand, does not always have a concrete date, but it is estimated that it will start around this same date. It will be located in Tennessee and will be centered around the streets and property of that location.

In our review of Snowrunner we give it a Recommended seal, and we say that it is “A truck simulator that aims to be realistic, but treats us with love, full of greed to discover and contemplate its landscapes.”

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