Skywanderers mix elements from Minecraft, LEGO Space and Elite Dangerous

Sky walkers is a sandbox surrounded by a procedural galaxy with exploration elements, a high creative component and multiplayer elements currently found in a funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform.

The game uses the already known sound system, but has created a brick system with the end of building small details and mechanisms. The player can use a wide variety of bricks in many shapes and functions, and be able to connect them between you.

Skywanderers are made under the Unity graphics engine and take a year to develop for a single person, Francois Duret. According to the creative, he was inspired by Minecraft, LEGO Space and Elite Dangerous to create the basis of his game, though he also came up with ideas for other games like FTL, Mass Effect or Startopia. Its cabin system is more reminiscent of LEGO than Minecraft, which gives the title the same characteristic features of the Danish toy brand.

Tribute ship to my childhood built by yours truly.

Skywanderers will not compete with pre-designed blocks and you will have full freedom to create everything from scratch.

Francois Duret, Skywanderers

For the Lore of the Game receives help from Raiben, a student of science fiction media and has been inspired by Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and especially in Dune (a book he owns is the best science fiction novel ever) as well as historical individuals and groups to create an immersive and credible world within their own boundaries.

Returning to the fundraising campaign, his goal is € 15,000 to be able to follow its development full time for 6 months. With more than € 50,000 you will start contracting with a team of experts to help with the development as composers, sound designers or texture artists, and between € 15,000 and € 50,000 will additionally add mining and craft systems, dedicated servers, IAs and missions. for other functions.

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Currently he raised € 34,234 took 15 days to finish the campaign and when it’s done he pretends to start the game about 6 months later. If the game exceeds the target, it can be extended by one year so more content can be added. In that case, the measures at the first level will have access to the closed pre-alpha after 6 months, if desired.

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