Skyrim Modder sends a letter to Bethesda about its LGBTQ counter title limit

A Skyrim modder called XilaMonstrr sent a letter to Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax Media, and Microsoft regarding a possible issue with the addition of LGBTQ words to the console modifications.

The problem apparently stems from the Terms of Service used by, which apparently avoids words like “lesbian and gay” appearing in titles or descriptions.

According to XilaMonstrr’s counter description “Dear Bethesda: A PRIDE Claim Letter”, which includes a copy of the letter in Skyrim, the editor is working to resolve this issue.

It is already working to rectify the issues with the terms of service for LGBTQ mods

Following the alleged acknowledgment of the issue by Bethesda, XilaMonstrr has stated its intention to maintain the amended version of the letter, asking Bethesda to change its policy on restricted language, live in Nexus Mods until the issue “it is completely resolved” .

“I’m a queer lesbian modder. This policy has directly affected my ability to publish content aimed at greedy and addicted people.” Afirma XilaMonstrr en la carta.

I also agreed: “The mods I launched on with queer content are some of the most popular mods I’ve released. There’s a huge demand to correct the blatantly missing characters and content in the originals. But without being able to adequately identify mods with the language that LGBTQ people use as essential figures, this content is inherently superior ”.

The letter also cites the policy as contrary to ZeniMax’s public diversity declaration on its website, which states: “We adopt diversity, equality and inclusion in everything we do, from recruitment to our surveys, publications and operations to create safe and respectable “Our culture is based on the principles of respect, inclusion and fair treatment and welcomes everyone to our family, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.”

Of course, since is specific, this issue mainly affects console mods, which use the service as a hub from which users can download and install content.

The letter was certainly supported on Reddit, where many users on r / SkyrimModsXbox subreddit responded positively to the news that the company is working to resolve it.

If you want to read it yourself, the previously mentioned mod released in Nexus Mods by XilaMonstrr includes it in its description, in addition to attaching a copy of the game to a table in Dragonsreach and you choose to install it.

XilaMonstrr also promises in the description that all money generated by the mod will be donated to the charity Trans Lifeline.

Be sure to follow up for more updates on game modding communities like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.

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