Skyrim Mod brings real estate agents to Tamriel

Are you still surprised by Bethesda’s announcement that you’ll have to wait until 2023 to install Starfield’s intergalactic extensions?

Well, thanks to the Skyrim modding community, while looking forward to the opportunity to build your ideal space base, you can return to a familiar environment and build the type of real estate empire that Monopoly players dream of.

A new LoryFoxie mod, called “Real Estate Agent of Skyrim AE-SSE”, takes a popular AND Skyrim mod from 2019 and updates it to work with the latest versions of the game.

Skyrim Mod brings real estate agents to Tamriel

The point of the change is to add a new system for buying houses, which is independent of the basic method of approaching Jarl at any warehouse that it intends to move to until it gives permission to buy a house in your city.

So you do not have to become friends with unsuspecting governors just to make sure you have something on your person’s head. Without limitations, depending on their feelings about real estate agents, the alternative that offers maturity could not be much better.

This alternative involves several new homes installed in Skyrim, which you can buy using the seven that cost so much to earn from the real estate agent named mod, Jaen Gold-Heart, which can be found near the Whiterun companies .

The houses that Jaén offers are quite flattering retreats, vanilla style, as the description of the mod says: “Do not expect castles”. Without a doubt, if you are looking for a good starting house for a lowly person or building a collection of security houses for a thief or a killer, the houses added by the mod may be what you need.

Currently, the properties offered range in price from 500 to 2,500 without decorations, making them very profitable compared to Skyrim’s vanilla houses, the cheapest of which will cost you 5,000 øre.

You can also add more livelihoods in the future through integration with other modifications, allowing you to expand your real estate box even further.

So pick a home, buy, and be sure to follow up to receive updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the assigned world of Skyrim modifications.

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