Skyrim Mod brings a Red Dead-style puzzle to Tamriel

If you ever feel that your Skyrim game needs a little more of the flavor of western savage in RDR2 style, a new Daermonster has you covered.

The mod is called “DMT’s The Outlaw Josey Wales” and adds a new sequel to the game, inspired by the late Clint Eastwood, which was filmed in the western movie classic where the mod got its name.

The fox is armed with a two-handed Dawnguard-style rifle thanks to modified Lore Friendly Rifles of Skyrim by the Enroys, in addition to its own armored horse and a dog if one follow is not enough for you.

Skyrim Mod agrega RDR2 style vaquero

Daermonster also did a good job of including the feed into the game universe and the description of the revela mode:

‘The Legion killed his wife and son in an attempt to grab him from his hiding place. Her dog Daisy and her Pale Rider horse are all that is left of the High Plains Hamlet destruction of her family (west of Rorikstead). Help him take revenge on the pathetic empire and its elven masters.

So get ready to place your stetson and go into battle with the law enforcement forces of the Skyrim Civil War, instead of law enforcement agents and other shields opposing other developed games like Arthur Morgan and John Marston.

Possible future plans for the mod could also get the protagonist invited to a full-voice actor, add a little search manipulation to the movies that inspired the mod, or see other western heroes like John Wayne also converted to Skyr followers. . Make sure you stay up to date.

But you also have to worry too much about the mod’s compatibility with its existing loading order, as Daermonster used the Modmapper tool, which shows the most modified areas of the Skyrim card, allowing modders to avoid conflicts with other tasks by do it. .

So test it, if you’re looking for information on The Elder Scrolls 6, this is what we know so far. Also, be sure to follow up for more Skyrim news and updates.

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