Skull & Bones filters reveal more about combat and mechanics

Considering that it’s been under development since 2013, having started as a multiplayer expansion to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you can imagine what it’s done behind the scenes with Skull & Bones.

The lack of a cool creative vision, multiple setbacks and scandals throughout the investigation have influenced the story of Ubisoft Singapore’s seemingly damn project so far, and some recent filters showing that the game does not do much to impress.

Shown through a four-minute gameplay video filtered from an apparent trial version, the current iteration of Skull & Bones appears to be skipping several areas.

Skull & Bones fugs reveal combat and mechanics

Starting with some details about the tram, the video establishes the player as a pirate attacking in an environment inspired by the Indian Ocean, before presenting the Sainte-Anne pirate security, which seems to function as one of the central locations.

Here you can apparently get improvements, pick up missions through opportunities and contracts and socialize with other players, the first two will change depending on your level of education, which acts as the game’s reputation system.

All of this sounds very good, but the main problems stem from what the video does not present, namely the player-to-player battle, whether it is on the ground or in front of enemy ships, all of which are hallmarks of the Black Flag.

In fact, the possibilities of venturing beyond its ship’s boundaries seem rather limited, apart from visits to advanced and guaranteed sites, as the video shows the collection of resources and the networks that take place without laying a foot on the ground.

In addition to this, Naval Battle appears to be the game’s presentation card, which apparently works in a Black Flag-like manner and provides buttons to feed the game’s many creation systems, which appear to be the main drivers of progress in the game. .

In addition to its online multiplayer cover, a few features in the Skull & Bones video, which was not part of the Black Flag, appear as a cover in the crew’s morale management through the distribution of reasoning and capacity to make your crew amotine. if your morale is too low.

That said, the popularity of Sea of ​​Thieves, Skull & Bones may be having a hard time making a hueco in this particular way, so we expect it to evolve a bit more before its launch at the moment is scheduled for 2023.

Tips for getting more updates on Skull & Bones in the period prior to launch.

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