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The 12-month season has been a lot of fun, but we’re approaching the start date for the next new Apex Legends season of the year. As always, a new playable legend will appear next to him to animate the coming months of the game. The following shows everything we know about it Apex Leyendas Newcastle: the last character to arrive at the game.

We have been seeing filters on the upcoming legends for some time, but now the first official details have been announced. As expected, the final character of Apex Legends will be launched next season. Follow the legend to find out what we know about this new and voluminous defender.

If you’re looking for more Apex Legends action, we also have everything you need to know about the next mobile version, including the alleged Apex Legends Mobile launch date, how to register with Apex Legends Mobile and including how to change some settings. to get 60 fps in Apex Legends Mobile without importing your device. Within reason, of course.

When is the launch date for Apex Legends Newcastle? Launch Date of the New Season Legend 13

The 13th season of Apex Legends is scheduled to bring Newcastle into play on 10 May. There will still be a short wait before we can all emerge as this new defender, but it’s much closer than when Newcastle filtered out at the start of the year. It’s pretty much in the back corner now.

What are Newcastle’s capabilities? – New skills in Apex characters

  • Recovery of the wounded (passive) By using a Revive Shield, Newcastle can protect themselves and others from enemy fire while taking their teammates to a safe place.
  • Mobile shield (tactical) – Newcastle creates a perfect energy shield to use as a cover in open areas. Players can move the shield to cover all angles of a possible attack.
  • Castle wall (definitive) – Newcastle jumps forward to show a massive shield sitting on the wall of a castle. Those who are very close are shot backwards, while those who are far away from the wall can use small arrows to spread their weapons.

Even almost a month ago, the skills in the new Legend were filtered on Reddit. One could see what it was, but no official name.

Now, with less than a week left to start season 13, let’s find out about Newcastle’s abilities and how they can affect a game.

The previous list will review what we have managed to deduce from the trailer, but we will update it with the official descriptions of the game as soon as it is published.

When does season 13 of Apex Legends start?

If it has not been clear enough since Newcastle’s launch date, Apex Legends season 13 will begin on May 10, 2022. The exact time has not yet been revealed, but most of the new Apex Legends updates will be released. at 13:00 ET / 18.00 BST, it is safe to assume that this is the moment when season 13 of Apex Legends will also break out.

Apex Legends Newcastle Lore: What’s the story behind the new character of Apex?

Newcastle is the new legend from season 13, which confirms the views a week ago. Newcastle are a defensive legend who “jumps into the fight to protect and inspire their Legends teammates: because that’s what the heroes are”.

We should get more information about Newcastle from now until the launch of the update, including an overview of what exactly can be done on the battlefield.

Seasonal launch trailer 13

The launch trailer for season 13, known as Salvadores, was launched by Respawn this week.

It’s the usual movie scene, but it shows the new legend in action, so it’s a scene. We will make some more progress between now and the launch of the new season so we are in this center.

To get more information about Apex Legends, we suggest an innocent reading of how the players got together to pray carefully that people do not laugh when they get fired. It was made for the Reddit community, and with good reason. It’s a team game: be a team player.

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