Sjokz, the winner of the European League of Legends Championship Series, is doing freelance

On 8 November, the inauguration of the European LCS, Eefje ‘SjokzDepoortere, announced that he will continue his career as a freelancer through his social networks.

Known as one of the more charismatic figures on the eSports scene of League of legendsBesides main interviewer / reporter of many other international tournaments hosted by Riot Games over the last 5 years, Sjokz will start working on other projects as part of Riot.

According to his statement on Facebook, starting as a freelancer will not be the end of the Riot Games. He also added that he will continue to participate in the next LCS Europe in 2019. “Firstly, I will make it clear: the LCS EU will continue to be a high priority for me in 2019 and the next season will see me in the camera. “

At present, it is not known when new projects will be involved. Your priority now is to take some time off to spend the day with your family and friends, and of course pass it on by getting to know your dance dose.

To conclude, from Spain, many streamers and famous LoL fans have wished for the best we see in the video.

Since MMOinGame we wish it the best and it has had a lot of success.

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