Sir. Prepper – How to prevent the agent from arresting you

So if you’re having trouble preventing the agent from arresting you, I have some advice that you’ll learn in a harder way.

Guide on how to prevent the agent from arresting you

To keep the agent on track and who does not suspect the construction of his bank. Has the following:

  • Draw the picture on your bed (in the bedroom).
  • I do not add anything from the house (if it does, I copy it from someone else).
  • Cover the bank door with the carpet.
  • Take 2 of the 3 barrels away from the house.
  • In its information, it will notice if something is suspicious or missing items (if something is missing, coverage or accident immediately).

It’s that simple, moreover, if you keep receiving good information from the house, it will sell less frequently, in a few days it will be a week.

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