Sir Brante’s life and suffering: professional advice on the distribution of statistics and verification of matters

This guide contains spoilers and is primarily for those who have already played the game and want a checklist to remind them what qualities they want for potential and at what level. Or you can simply read the first paragraph to improve the early development of his character in his first start.

Suggestions for relationship verification and distribution of statistics

Purpose of the first chapter

Your goal here is to develop statistics as high and consistent as possible. Your main stats depend on these two characteristics, so if one of them is much higher than the other (such as 7/0), you may have trouble with the more difficult controls ahead of the game. Ideally, it would be something along the lines of 5/6 or 5/5.

But do not overdo it: the relationship with family members is also important (I write in advance what rewards can be generated), as well as the unity / reputation. So 4/5 Determination / Perception can also be good if you get other useful rewards.

What you do not really need to strive for here is Voluntary Power, because you get events in advance that can be increased almost for free. The only exception is the Caleidoscopio event because it will cost you 15 (5 + 10 not recovered) of the voluntary force to increase 1 statistic instead of the usual 10.

First chapter special events

There are 2 special events worth considering in this chapter: secret training with the father and the gift from the horned garden. Both require 4+ state. These are strictly advantageous because even if you try to get a break, you will get +1 in relation to the fathers and +5 in Force of Will.

Fencing lessons

Almost impossible for a noble game because it allows you to win the tournament and it is almost useless for others. Even if you do not want to be a Nobel +1, determination is a good thing.

There is a trick in this event: you can receive training even if your Willingness Force is below 0. But your Willingness Force cannot be lower than -10, so if you activate it with -5 of Willingness Force, you will receive training with only 5 by Fuerza de Voluntad. of 10


Something useful for the pastor because he misses the opportunity to stimulate spirituality without affecting the relationship with Jeanne in the second chapter, but it is not really crucial. The relationship with Jeanne is completely useless to anyone who is not the pastor, so it is (the same certainly applies to other romantic interests in the game). You can jump and earn Force of Will +5 and Relation to Mother +1 instead of -1 Unit and +1 Perception.

A good strategy is to first increase the determination to 3 and then increase it to 4 with toy soldiers (tell the truth). What happens is that there are more opportunities to increase Perception further in this chapter than Determination. And I want both to be increased to at least 4 to get special events.

pat your grandfather

It is not a super lucrative option because you will die in this case. What you get for your precious life is +1 stats (well, +1 / +1, but other options are +1 / +0 unless you die). There is a better value to your life at the beginning of the second chapter: save Sophia, get +3 stats. You can take them both, but only 1 free life will be left. You can fix it, but sometimes it can be complicated. However, it is an option if you desperately need to increase both stats to level 4.

sacrament of the noble

Tampoco is a good choice. At least statistically speaking. Costs 10 Voluntary Force and receives nothing beyond the fee. Receives + 1 / -1 in the statistics, but raises the provision to 4 in this way, the training event with the father is NOT activated. The chapter ends. In general, it is better to raise your head (+5 for Force of Will).

civil stat

Most of the choices related to the relationships are made in Chapter 2, but here are some highlights so you need to plan what you want from the beginning.

You have the opportunity to get a special state of Agradecido’s relationship with 4 of your relatives for the price of 1 statistic and -5 of voluntary force. These are the benefits of having it:


  • +1 ratio first
  • If you have Perception 4+, you can ask to be present for your mother during the ceremony. Receive +1 unit and -1 reputation for it
  • These compensation options are not very valuable and generally require similar family statistics. And if reputation does not really matter to you, it will be relatively easy to keep Unity high.
  • At the end of chapter 2 you can go to him to get +2 Nobility and another +1 relationship. In general, you need a 4+ relationship with the father
  • Really not worth the pain, you can improve the relationship with him in other ways and get Nobleza training in every way.


  • +1 Stephan’s relationship first
  • He can calm down during the crisis with Nathan earning +1 in his relationship and +1 in Unit instead of +1 in stats or in Nathan’s condition Appreciated.
  • At the end of chapter 2 you can go to her to get +2 Spirituality and another +1 relationship. Unfortunately, if she is not appreciated, you must have more than 4 relationships with her to do so …
  • Better than the father, but still not very good, because you will have to omit 2 statistical points in chapter 1 to earn a profit (+1 unit). And that makes special events hard to activate.


  • +1 ratio first
  • You can bribe your grandfather to earn +1 in Determination and another +1 in relation to Gloria instead of +1 in Perception and in relation to your grandfather. This can be useful if you choose to increase the perception to 4 first and you need to increase the determination at the end of Chapter 1.
  • At the end of Chapter 2, you can go to Gloria to get +2 Ingenio and another +1 relationship. In general, you need a 4+ relationship with Gloria. Good opportunity for the most common road, the greatest use that Gloria can get, never
  • Something good if you want to go an endless path. Gloria’s relationship, for example, starts lower than her father’s (1 vs. 2).


  • +1 ratio first
  • You can ask during your first meeting with Thomas, who gets +10 Volunteer Force and +1 Unit instead of +1 stats
  • Surprisingly better in my opinion. Inclusive with only 1 consequence option. The unit is good and 10 volunteer forces compensate for the loss of 1 statistic.

If you are not sure that you can eliminate them all, none of these offer a very good value for its opportunity cost.

Relationship point tests


Many options, especially on the route for the nobles. But most of them are compensatory, which raises some statistics on the other hand. Still, it is good to have opportunities. The strictly (well, almost) advantageous options are:

  • [2+, Willpower 0+] You can persuade him to seek justice for Gloria in court. In general, it is the best option: get +1 nobility, +1 spirituality, +1 unity, -1 reputation, -5 willingness
  • [4+] Obtenga +2 of nobility training, see above
  • [3+] Possibility to redeem the gift of the dowry with +2 Unity instead of +2 Wealth, -1 Unity


There are not many options, but it’s good for Unity.

  • [4+] Get +2 training in spirituality, see above
  • [3+] Event Gloria vs Stephan. Obtenga +1 device instead of -1 to the device


  • More or less useless. There are options for unlocking, but in general they are available in every way if one chooses to follow the path of the nobles.


Moderately usable even in a less positive relationship.

  • [1+, Diplomacia 11+] Opportunity to give the Duke’s gift to the nobles for +2 reputation instead of +2 wealth, -1 unit
  • [1+] Receive a proposal to marry Gloria. You can recover with +1 device


More or less useless to non-voters.

  • [4+] Got +2 of Ingenio’s training, see above
  • [1+, no acepte la oferta de Stephan] Get a proposal to force the family to accept it. You can recover with +1 device


In fact, useful enough to hold Unity high.

  • [2+, Teología 11+] Another Gloria vs Stephan event. Get +1 unit instead of -1 in reputation, wealth or unity
  • [3+, Madre viva] Intention to commit suicide. +1 device. You really do not need Unity at this point in any way, but still.


Almost useless. In fact, you benefit from having a low point with him. A little bit of willpower increased further and went well with him.

  • [1-] +1 Reputation and +1 relationship with the father when he is intimidated by nobles instead of +1 on the statistics of your choice.

Objectives of the second chapter

Now you have to decide which path you want to follow in your life. Ideally, 8-9 basic statistics and 4-5 other statistics are needed. That way, its main resulting statistic will be 13-14 and other statistic 9-10.

Typical statistical checks are not the top 10 for route events. The controls for universal events are a bit higher, but having 12 stats in the main will be enough for almost any situation.

The basic statistical controls can be up to 20, but there will be many opportunities to increase this statistic to this level before there are high controls. You can train the basic stats from 12 to 20, but it can be complicated because it is not the only thing you need to increase. If you start at 14 in exchange, you feel very comfortable, you will almost automatically reach 20. 16 is too much.

A good idea is to get all 4+ statistics in this chapter. Create a special event for each statistic that will NOT give you STATISTICS ANYMORE (up to 6 in total). And give yourself rasgos, which can be used in later chapters. However, only Nathans is critical because he gives the “best end” if Tree’s revelation is not activated.

And somehow it is not that difficult because many events give you statistics without having to sacrifice other statistics. Like when your grandfather dies, you always get +1 No matter who the choice is.

It would also be better to die at the beginning of the chapter to save Sophia: +1 for all stats is a good compensation, even if you do not have to influence her. Just make sure you have at least 0 willpower at the beginning of chapter 2. Or get a state of gratitude with Nathan: you can give +10 at the beginning of the chapter.

Remember the training event at the end of the chapter mentioned earlier. You will need 4 more relationships with Gloria or one of your parents. +2 to the main stats is an excellent option.

The rush of blood clots requires Nobleza 6+, Sacramento del Noble or a good relationship with the grandfather to achieve it and is only useful for the nobles.

And the lack of first feelings is completely useless.

Well, it resumes everything. The third chapter is simple enough once you get on the path you want to go.

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