Sir Brante’s life and suffering: how to get the most statistics (Chapter 3: Youth)

In this guide I would like to tell you how you can get a dozen or more in most of its statistics when it comes to Chapter 3 “Youth”. Spoiler alarm!

Note: If you follow a certain Pass or try to reach a goal, you can ignore some moments and do what you want. This is just a description of how you can get maximum statistics.

Guide to getting maximum stats


This guide is a joint work of me, the person who did everything to write this guide in the clearest possible way, and my friend, the person who managed to obtain his statistics in the best possible way and was able to share his knowledge with me and use them to make this guide.

First rule: make sure you know what your overall goals are! Because some of my advice may not help you in your quest to achieve these goals.


When the game starts, decide who is to blame for the life your main character lived. Choose for yourself and move on.

Congratulations, have nacido

Once his first opportunity, which really matters in his story, is present, seek the shadow in the shadow and gain more willpower. Get 10 and you can make 3 main choices that can help you radically improve your teen statistics.


Simple. Just feel, wait and play with the insects. Mom picks you up (+1 by Perception).

Gemelos fest

Her family prepared for the celebration and decided to let Gloria take care of them. You are locked inside a dark room and you get your first information about Sir Brante’s world. Sing badly the last line because f ** k the injustice (+ 1 determination).

The amount of suffering

Now is the time to be punished, for you are a child with a cradle. Before you get started, ask for an explanation so you can get to know the world a little better and how the justice system works.

Note: you can use some of your willpower to accept the punishment if you get confused about the relationship. Your mother will be “grateful”, which will be helpful in her late teens.

the pastime of glory

When Lowborne did not allow them to be creative, his first poetry was spent in a chimney. Dedicate a small force of willingness to comfort her and make Gloria feel “grateful”. This is important for late teens and achieving determination at some point.

Now you’re the older brother

When choosing what you want to do, choose the option you want. If you want statistics, choose the first two (+1 determination or +1 perception), if the willpower is too much for you, then use a little to save your brother and Nathan will be “Thank you”. If you’re worried about the device, hug your mom, she thinks you should have her gratitude 4 eso. I personally decided to take the brother and rescue him.

Soldiers of juguete

If you do not use your will energy in Gloria or Lydia, you can spend a little here and your father will “take you”, although he recommends telling you the truth that he will help you get the stats (+1 determination). You could have followed your father’s path if you had hurt your mother more than Nathan in the last story.

my grandfather is here

There is only one solution. Set f **** ry to improve your stats (+ 1 perception + 1 determination). It’s the first death, but you have 2 more so you can risk your life safely.

The coordinated meeting

Bring your mom and GTFO (+1 view).

The vision

Congratulations we have 4 views. Here I go to play alone, cause statistics (+ 1 perception).


At least you did not comfort Gloria when her poems died, study to get determination (+ 1 determination), and as a result you will have an event of determination. If you help, play with the kaleidoscope and get more volunteer power.

Sweet temptation

If the glory is valued. Break up with your grandfather and gain determination (+ 1 determination), if not lie and restore willpower.

Secret training

Now that we go by the statistics, I would say that Elijah training (+ 1 determination).


Here is the only real solution. Increase. Tu. Cabeza. Any other decision leaves your statistics and we can not allow that. Reclaim some of your will and will. Infancia ceased.


First friend

Here you have what you want. Make your choice to agree on your ultimate goals. Priest / Lotless / Noble.

Black and arrogant jeans

Continue as desired. Keep an eye on the girl for statistics (+ 1 Nobility / Ingenio / Spirituality) Do not look if you want useful connections to a noble. Can be useful in a Nobleman bow.

stephan’s return

You can insult your brother and get an extra point of ingenuity (+1 of ingenuity). If you already have 2 ingenio, take a little charla (+ 1 de nobility).

the octave handkerchief

Do you have anything less to do with the handkerchief. Quédatelo or vendelo (+1 with Thomas / + 10 voluntary force).

The evening before the exam

In this case, leave Nathan alone and restore the balance between the stats. It is best if you know what you need for your ultimate goals.

small matones

Elijah something for his update, I’m invited. If reputation is crucial to your goal / objective, keep going, but be sure to keep the handle. You do not need a high relationship with Thomas.

The tree

Choose something that increases your spirituality (+1 Spirituality), at least not contrary to your master plan.

The story of Lidia

Here it is not important to accept the distance.

saving honor

If you did not offend Stephan, you can join the fight (+1 Nobility) or send the guards (+1 Ingenio). Anything that misses the sibling event.

Brothers’ events


At this point, if your ingenuity increases, you get the event with poets. Here you can choose anything. I recommend choosing the option that balances other statistics (+ 1 Nobility / Spirituality).


Here will be the same as you did with Gloria (+1 Nobleza / Ingenio).


Same as before (+ 1 Spirituality / Ingenio).

Adolescence part 2

court case

Looking for stats (+ 1 technique / + 1 spirituality / nobility) or reputation if that’s your goal

my grandfather lives at home

The arrested person or the person leaving the house. Depends on you.

blood sea

If you have 6 nobility and need, or need good relations with your noble living relatives, then do so. If you do not have the willpower, then refuse to participate.

Fleeing girl

Shut up to save energy or, if you die, stop and know a nobleman (useful for a bow of nobles).


Visit anyone who wants to improve your stats.

If you have not already done so, you can get these statistics or something similar:

In comparison, do something similar and die every time you can:

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