Sims Player refers to Archdeacon Franz Ferdinand Sim

Some very interesting people have paved the way for video games through mods recently, with a number of celebrities including Will Smith who has just appeared in Skyrim and the arrival of the Love Island villa in The Sims possibly announcing the arrival of his current residents.

It seems that a player in The Sims 4 would like to take part in this action, but from a much more cultured perspective, they went to consult the anthology of the story in search of a suitable candidate.

Suddenly it seems that one of these persons has been surpassed, and now he has been incorporated into the game in all its mustache glory. Yes, Franz Ferdinand is in Los Sims.

Everyone’s favorite austrohúngaro duke made his debut in Los Sims

This real addition to the game is the theme of a recent thread about r / thesim’s subreddit, which began when user TheKey32 posted a picture of his creation along with a picture of the real Franz and the subtitle: “June 28, 1914, Archiduque Franz Ferdinand becomes murdered and provoked the great war and change the world forever.As a tribute to this world-changing event, create your image in Los Sims 4.

Archiduque’s response from other Reddit users was quite positive, and Jayneclobber said, “I love how you created a historical figure instead of a celebrity,” to which TheKey32 replied, “Thank you! I really like creating historical figures, this is also where my own Sims get inspired ”.

Meanwhile, users of snowyprophecy and UpsetPomegranate also expressed their appreciation for the creation, but for very different reasons. The first said, “I love the fact that technology has evolved so we can do things like this,” and the second said, “This is the camp, I love it.”

Some users were curious to know where TheKey32 had acquired some of the activities used to create the great Franz, the saber, his glorious mustache and his elegant military uniform, which took the creator to point them in the right direction.

Others could have been extremely converted in historical recreation, where the user SmallRogue said: “create now Gavrilo Principle and Restoration” and Shoddy_Internal6206 revealed his plan to eliminate the middleman and said: “I need it in my game to kill him”. .

Suddenly, according to user khajiitidanceparty, the poor man could have been rescued and they said, “I think it’s probably glad there are no cars in Los Sims 4”.

Regardless, if you are in favor of mimicking historical killings for video games, be sure to stay tuned for more Sims updates as new content arrives.

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