Sims 3 Player recreating Shrek’s Princess Fiona

While they do not create the perfect home to host the Love Island villa or hold wolf graduation ceremonies, Sims players can also recreate all sorts of celebrities and characters in the form of simulations.

There is already a sim similar to Archdeacon Franz Ferdinand or a family of clones of Keanu Reeves with children called Reanu Keeves, his imagination really has no limits.

Also, the last one in this extravagant creative truck could have surprised you a bit with a rather iconic animated character that has just arrived in Simville.

A Sims player needs to be worn very, very quickly

This is the theme of a recent thread about r / thesim’s subreddit, which started with a post by user DinghyRequester with a picture of her creation, titled: “Recreó a la princesa Fiona en Los Sims 3”.

The reception of his simulated version of the romantic interest expressed by Cameron Diaz from Shrek was largely positive, with user JennaSize saying “it’s pretty sharp and damn” and meraru99 added: “This is literally iconic”.

The user danishjuggler21 was less eloquent and said: “You were already busy trying to explain if you could never have bothered to ask if you should”.

Meanwhile, user Youarethecarbon decided that the thread was the perfect place to take a picture of American actress Danielle Fishel, who she thought resembled Princess Fiona.

Leaving aside the random carving of actresses, the reaction to Princess Fiona’s simulator was at least a little more accommodating than the reaction to a particularly attractive Sims 4 simulator created by user OnkeIiroh, which was also recently released.

Unfortunately, the last sim was the presentation of a Reddit thread full of usability that referred to him as ‘Daddy’ and compared it to a host of Hollywood types, in addition to Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, with user Impossible_Raisin926 confirming that the sim could be a “Yassified” version of the password.

No matter how sexy Shrexy is your Sims, be sure to follow up to get more updates to the extent that it brings a range of new content that you can read.

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