Silent Hill playable concept for PS5 leaked! ? No way 5 kuruuuu! ?

Silent Hill’s planning explanatory materials leaked, or the playable concept “Sakura” for PS5 leaked

Image related to Silent Hill PS5 planning materials-02

A new leaked image of Silent Hill, which is rumored to be in development. The image titled “Plan Explanatory Material” contains a description of the PS5 download-only title “Silent Hill Playable Concept ‘Sakura/sakura'”.

According to famous leaker Dusk Golem, “Silent Hill Sakura” is a work unrelated to “Silent Hill 2 Remake”. He revealed, “I didn’t want Sakura’s existence to be leaked.

leak image

Read full text below

What is this what is this? ?

Cherry Blossoms?

Playable concept is a phrase like PT.

wow so liar

Maybe this is Silent Hill 5! ?

Come on, cherry blossoms! ?what is this
It says release after October 2021…

Have you seen any other leaked images?
2 When it comes to a different work from the remake, this is still…?

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