Sifu will be updated in the future to add difficulty modes

Sloclap has promised to improve the accessibility options of its latest game, Sifu.

In a conversation with Steve Saylor in a stream of Twitch Gaming, study co-founder Pierre Tarno explained that Sifu will have accessibility updates after launch. Among these updates will be improvements in subtitles, high contrast mode on PS5, PS4 and PC and difficulty modes.

This last point is curious, because it contradicts what had been said so far about the possibility of adding a mode with less difficulty, since they wanted the game to “catch the players and animate them to learn”.

In November last year, it was Tarno himself who said, “We want Sifu to teach, improve and adapt to players and anime when you encounter a difficulty. But the price of these errors will increase rapidly, and to complete the game will completely tend to dominate the combat system”.

While Tarno didn’t specify when these accessibility features will be implemented, he did confirm that the development team is “looking and planning” for difficulty modes, and will announce “something about that soon enough. “.

In the absence of more details, Steve Saylor has already explained that these difficulty modes will be similar to those included in Metroid Dread in its last update.

Sifu was released on February 8 and is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. In his review he is told that he “takes the best of soulslike, roguelike and his own Word to come up with an authentic product”.

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