Sifu players struggle to pass the second level

Sifu players have difficulty overcoming the second level of the game.

Sloclap’s martial arts title launched last week to a lot of support, but its high difficulty was also highlighted.

If we are stuck in the percentage of obtaining the results of the game, the second level is the one that gives the most problems to the users.

97% of players have mastered the prediction of the game (not surprising, considering the fact that you can’t die), and 82% have mastered the first level.

Without restrictions, the numbers fell to 34% at the second level. The third level has a ratio of 17%, and the fourth an 11%. Only 6% of players have, to date, reached the final.

While it is to be expected that the majority of players will never finish a game as it should in barely a week, it is certain that the change of numbers between the first and the second indicates a sufficiently loaded difficulty point.

In an interview on Twitch, Sloclap co-founder Pierre Tarno explained that accessibility options would be added to Sifu in a post-launch update, which would include a simpler difficulty. Initially, the developers insisted that the game didn’t tend to be hard modes, which was seen as a crippling title that players were encouraged to learn from.

In our review of Sifu we give it an Imprescindible seal, and tell it that “Refined on every level, Sifu takes the best of soulslike, roguelike and his own Sloclap to deliver an authentic product.”

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