Shytoshi Kusama asks for more personal meetings with Shiba Inu

Several SHIB titles will have to organize meetings in person with Shiba Inu, according to project manager Shytoshi Kusama.

Shytoshi wrote in his last blog post that the TREAT Token was unveiled and that SHI will be launched in 2022, and also asked the Shiba Inu community that they rule so that they can fully support during this period of uncertainty.

The forerunner to the ambitious plans that Ryoshi proposes for a ShibaCon, we see what Shytoshi says about these meetings.

Meet in person by Shiba Inu

To request more community meetings, Shytoshi recorded Ryoshi’s original plans. “We have the best society in the world,” he said. “Now we must register an aspect of Ryoshi’s plan which has sometimes been forgotten but which can no longer be ignored.

“This is the concept of personal meeting.”

In Ryoshi’s semi-final (now eliminated), the idea of ​​ShibaCon was first proposed. This will take place in places like Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Budapest. Without a doubt, before this big event, it was suggested that SHIB titles should start with something smaller.

“This will start with a few local meetings, and then once a year there will be a ShibaCon somewhere else,” he said.

Shytoshi’s last suggestion repeats Ryoshi’s words, though a little broader.

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The SHIB leader suggests that these community-driven meetings “will allow communities of members of the Shib army with ideas to come forward and talk and work with each other, personally, to plan the best way to lead with the increase in costs. Food, inflation and social security. “

Well, Shytoshi acknowledged that this will not be able to solve everything, saying that “it will help strengthen communities so that SHIB and people with decentralized mentality can survive victories on the other side of this ‘recession'” .

Instead of focusing on activities that are exclusively related to Shiba Inu, Shytoshi seems to see that these potential encounters have a broader positive impact on its environment. Here are some ideas on how to make plants, help with “community-driven childcare” and more. “For our SHIB meetings, it could be as simple as controlling the elders in your community,” he said.

“I invite you [the] ShibArmy to lead this effort globally ”.

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