[Shock]Mr. Seiji of “Pokemon SV”, a ridiculous id surfaced by the investigation crew โ†’ Is this actually the proper reply…?

I like the speculation that Seiji-sensei was a former Rocket Team member
I’ve a Persian readily available, and I’ll provide you with meowth on the occasion
A foreigner’s ex-Rocket Team is constructing a household in BW
Seiji-sensei is the one trainer with a hoop

Why do you say “one-sided communication is lonely” at school?
It’s as a result of he misplaced to the silent protagonist throughout his time as Team Rocket.
Study crew is superb

*authentic video

Pokemon Violet -Switch
4.6 out of 5 stars

Pokemon Scarlet -Switch
4.6 out of 5 stars

Reactions to this text

ใƒปOh, so it is Galal Meowth

ใƒปCombined with the darkness that this man exhibits sometimes throughout class
grass with credibility

ใƒปNew York, the stage of the Isshu area
The wedding ceremony ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and it’s completely potential!
I’ve not performed gold and silver, however I by no means thought there was such an occasion! !

ใƒปthe upper one

ใƒปI like how hints are scattered about like this
Sundial and Terrastal in Hyakkok City,
Nemo and Macrocosmos,
I like the connection between Seiji and Team Rocket

ใƒปI faintly felt that it was a slamming place, but it surely’s like that in any case w
Seiji-sensei appears like a naughty boy.

ใƒปIt appears anti-social (fucking impolite) like that…


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