[Shock]A person who is simply too tax-saving and pays 0 yen “Tax measures are the same as ◯◯◯ in the game”

The tax system that got here to deal with me the opposite day was too excessive
The tax quantity of 0 yen man

“Tax measures are the same as Yu-Gi-Oh”
“Every 12 months, as banned playing cards are designated and new playing cards are born,
It can be a check to see how one can construct the strongest deck within the present setting.”
“Hacking it is the only way to get pleasure.”
“Financial statements are art”

I used to be loopy saying,

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Reactions to this text

Please take heed to the starter deck

There is a successful formulation for this tax system
Speaking of which, is Liar Game coming too?

In some methods, he is an exquisite individual (^-^)
Skilled in gathering data.

Seeking freedom and gaining the liberty to get pleasure from being crippled…

I’m about to make use of a banned card

When tax officers come
Are you going to make use of a black gap or a harpie’s feather duster?

Financial statements are an artwork that may be understood. The monetary assertion is the intention of the administration itself.


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