Shinji Mikami wants to lead at least “one more match” before celebrating

Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil saga, Dino Crisis and many other titles, and director of the Tango Gameworks studio, gave an interview to VG24/7 with the reason for the launch of Ghostwire: Tokyothe next title from the developer.

In the interview, Mikami explained what his plan was to form the study more than ten years ago. “The study began with the prospect of giving an opportunity to talented young developers.” As a result, he explains, he will direct The Evil Within, the first title in the study, which combined survival horror dynamics such as those present in Resident Evil with more action-oriented ones. Originally, Tango Gameworks’ first game was supposed to be a sci-fi, open-world title inspired by Dune, but they tried to change plans in the face of economic issues.

Unsurprisingly, as the study grew and incorporated new personalities, Mikami disbanded to drop new paths. So much so that Ghostwire: Tokyo’s first announcement featured Ikumi Nakamura, who was then its creative director, at E3 2019. along the game. For example, the first-person perspective or the color scheme of the game, inspired by Ghost in the Shell, had an idea.

Ghostwire Tokyo’s current creative director is Kenji Kimura, who has worked on the Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Metal Gear Solid saga before, but has never made a game before.

However, since Mikami has decided to witness the younger voices of his studio, he says he never wants to retire: his plan is to direct “one last game” before retiring. This title, he explains, will not necessarily be the next audience for Tango Gameworks, but rather a long-term plan.

Ghostwire: Tokyo unveiled new techniques and story aspects at Sony’s State of Play last week, to generally positive reception. Launches March 25 on PC and consoles.

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