Shinji Mikami wants his study to be better known than the Terror Games

Ghostwire: Tokyo launches today on PC and PS5, the third game developed by Tango Gameworks, but Shinji Mikami’s studio wants it to be recognized for making more horror games.

“At the moment, he sees us as a study that specializes only in survival horror,” says Mikami in an interview with Famitsu translated by VGC). But, despite the ex-Resident Evil director enjoying that reputation, “we also want to be seen as a studio that can make a wider variety of games.”

Therefore, the developer is working on its first title that has nothing to do with terror. It will be directed by John Johanas, director of The Evil Within 2, and Mikami describes the work as “completely exposed to terror”.

Mikami says he hopes Tango will be able to “produce a masterpiece every ten years”, but adds that they, too, would like to make smaller titles that will allow me to get my hands on bigger games, more affordable for those who now know them themselves. In this way, one can “invest in new development talent”, having the ability to work in smaller teams.

“On top of that, we have a study that makes games, we want it too [que Tango Gameworks] have this look of a video game school in which employees can learn how to do it. We want it to be a place where you can grow as a creator and develop your skills working from below.”

“In recent years, business considerations have forced us to grow into large teams. However, with the emergence of subscription services in recent years, we believe we can create games on a smaller scale.” This of course refers to the fact that after Microsoft’s takeover of Zenimax, the studio’s next games will be offered via the Xbox Game Pass.

In our review of Ghostwire Tokyo, it is said to be “A triple-A with a double-A soul, with everything it concocts: very powerful propositions but with elements that do not reach everyone’s attention. “

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