Shimofuri Myojo/Soushin will work on the ED theme for an anime broadcast on NHK! ! The hole with YouTube is superb www

Souhin is accountable for the ending theme for the anime “Blue Orchestra”, organized by syudou

Ao no Orchestra Marbled Myojo/Souhin NHK ED theme YouTube Yuika related images-02

Marbled Meisei and small objects,Worked on the ED theme for the anime “Ao no Orchestra” (NHK E Tele), which can be broadcast from April ninth ​​(Sun).

crude lyrics,The track composed is “Yusari no Kanon feat.” Yuika “”, a pop track sung by an 18-year-old feminine singer-songwriter. Classical motifs are sometimes used.

Sohin-san is“I’ve seen the original work of ‘Blue Orchestra’, and it was a great honor to hear about this story. I’m going to put in the song what the characters in the work feel in that world. I really appreciate the cooperation of various people. That’s how this song came to be, and it was like an orchestra.”commented.

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Here is a video lately posted on YouTube

I’ve seen a number of individuals say, “Leave it to professional musicians, why Sohina?”, however it’s been two years since Sohina launched their label, and so they’ve additionally offered many songs to skilled singers, so it is unusual. Not.

There are some feedback in regards to the absolute pitch, so I’ll stick a nail in there, however the absolute pitch itself is superb or simply uncommon.

It could also be unavoidable as a result of they’ve expertise, however I feel there are nonetheless many unsuccessful writers. How in regards to the state-owned firm not giving such an individual an opportunity and leaving it to a comic book artist simply to create a subject? When did you change into NHK Yoshimoto?

I’d be glad if everybody might perceive the kindness and distinctive humor of Soushin-kun, who is usually misunderstood and misplaced as a consequence of variations in sensibilities, by means of music.

It’s the polar reverse of schooling.

Please don’t curse the work.

I normally have a picture of him spending cash on betting tickets, however it’s superb that he has good pitch and can also be energetic as a composer.

I’ve heard it too, however the Vocalo songs made by Mr. Souhin are simply regular good songs.
Looking ahead to the ED theme!
Yaruo in front of the PC smile

I can perceive the opinion that NHK simply gave the OK…
The content material on YouTube is superb…
Husband who does not do white eyes

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Blue Orchestra (11) (Ura Shonen Sunday Comics)

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